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This text, is from a newsletter I got today from Lillian Too, the grand Feng Shui master. I want to share it with you beacuse this is importent to us all, and so easy to do, to create good enrgies for you and take care of your life force.

Take Care of Your Life Force

Your energy and inner chi...your life force should flow like a meandering river of light through the chakras of your body. When it becomes blocked or is forced to stop, the cause for illness and depression is created.

Your spiritual chi is therefore very precious and it needs to constantly be fed and replenished to empower it. When we tap into this higher energy within us we begin to create more and more of it. Make it a daily habit to tune inward, so your spiritual chi communicates with your mind at a conscious level.

Shopping all day drains energy

Feed your spirit by tapping into the beauty around you...expose yourself to the creative beauty of art, music and others sounds and smells. At this time of year there is a multitude of such sensory delights available to all of us. 

Make a conscious effort to avoid environments that are not spiritually healthy...and avoid gloomy pessimistic people who feed on your chi and leave you drained each time you meet them. Instead seek out the people who bring out the best in you and help to nurture your spirit and open spiritual pathways for you.

Shopping all day in crowded malls or shopping centers will drain you of energy and leave you feeling exhausted so at night be sure to sleep with a glass of water mixed with rock salt next to your bed (sea salt is another form of rock salt). This will cleanse your aura of all the negative vibrations picked up during the day. 

Use Sea Salt To Remove Negative Energy

Brush away negative energy with sea salt scrub

Place a small amount of rock salt into a bowl and dip both of your hands into it...rub your hands vigorously together until you feel your palms tingle with the power of the sea salt crystals. Shake off any remaining salt and then place the palms of your hands together about one inch above your head and slowly bring your hands down your body as if stroking it...all the way down from the top of your head to your feet. Imagine and feel that you are brushing away all the negative vibrations ...do it three times for the left and right sides, three times for the front and three times for the back.

Now shake your hands a few times and fling off all the negativities. Wash your hands in salt and then soap to cleanse your hands symbolically. This is a wonderful practice...do this for a week and see how you feel!

Tap into your spiritual chi, nurture and feed your spirit and cleanse yourself of any negative energy at the end of the day.

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I want to thank Lillian for this good advice!







Right now i got an interesting articel in my hand from on of my friends, it is about the Chinese new year that takes place on monday the 23 of january.


I add the articel here as well, Its published of the Western Scool of feng shui


Delving into 2012 - The Year of the Water Dragon
By Terah Kathryn Collins
According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Water Dragon arrives on January 23rd bringing the Feng Shui principle"Everything is always changing" into full play. Although the Dragon's natural element is Wood, 2012 is associatedwith the Water element, making this the Year of the Water Dragon. In the Chinese Five Element theory, Waternurtures Wood, fueling the Dragon's already powerful strength and vitality. The Water element is associated withspirituality and Wood with intuition, promising to lift spiritual and intuitive veils and enhance your extra-sensoryperceptions. Meditation and other practices that deepen your relationship with the Unseen world will go a long wayin helping you remain calm, clear, and connected throughout this year's profusion of inner and outertransformations.
If you haven't already de-cluttered your material world and released excess possessions, now's the time! The samecleansing and clearing process is also vital within your body, mind, and heart. Create space for the Dragon to landby attending to any stagnant areas in your life. This year's gifts can only be fully received bythe unencumbered. The lighter you are on all levels, the better.
The only mythical animal of the twelve in Chinese astrology, the Dragon is known for bringing Heaven to Earth andmaking dreams come true. "Watch what you wish for, 'cause you're going to get it," is a phrase to remember assynchronicities multiply, breathing life into whatever you pray and wish for. Visions you've been holding deep withinyour heart, such as experiencing loving community, lasting peace, spiritual illumination, and restoration of MotherEarth become potently activated and, like magic, could manifest 'right before your eyes.' And, the changesthat accommodate such manifestations can occur in any size or shape, underlining the importance of cultivatingyour lightness of being and doing. 
The magnanimous spirit of the Dragon is entwined with a practical, no-nonsense attitude that simply reveals what isso. This is no year for secrets of any kind. Truth will prevail as all that has been personally and collectively hiddenis exposed to the light. This could make for some very interesting 'plays' in the Theater of Life. 
With the growing, flowing attributes of Wood and Water leading the way this year, dreams could launch without astable platform in place. Feng Shui observes that the qualities of the other three elements - Fire, Earth, and Metal -can balance Wood and Water and help you to birth your dreams into a healthy existence. Attend to the emotionalwell-being of the people in your life, taking the time to 'tend the fire' and create warm, harmonious relationships.Honor every step of the earthy physical processes that provide a firm foundation and keep you organized. Maintainmental clarity by thinking things through, forging creative collaborations, and refining your choices along the way.Taking all five elements into consideration can widen synchronistic pathways and help you be in the right place withthe right people at the right time.
This is the year to turn-up the magic in your life and let it shine. Consider how you can weave more wonder intoevery day. Open yourself to the vast realms of inner guidance and outer communion with all 'who' surround you.Spend as much time as you can connecting with expansive natural settings and drinking in the elixir of MotherNature's ever-present majesty. Let the Dragon guide you in bridging Heaven and Earth in your life, then stepthroughthe portals of magic as they open, ready to be enchanted!

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